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Saying goodbye to a phenomenal man

Posted in compassion, Hindu, India, life guidance, Nameste, payingitforward, respect, sharing the love, sharingthelove on September 7, 2009 by TferThomas

This week marked the passing of a truly great man…someone most of you won’t know, and someone I had only know for a bit over 5 months.

My wife’s Mother’s brother-in-law, our Mosa, passed away peacefully (from all accounts; I wasn’t present) last Tuesday. And he will be missed.

Mosa was not only present at our Hindu wedding back in March, but more importantly, he was both our Pundit (Hindu Priest) and our Civil Celebrant…he performed our wedding ceremony, and it was the last one he performed.

I met him for the first time about an hour before our wedding, and he instantly made me relax. Suffering a rare skin disorder, Mosa was literally as white as me, which really took me by surprise, and it sort of enhanced his Pundit “aura” in my mind.

Mosa ensured I was fully aware of what would and was happening, every step of the way, and I know from my family and friends’ perspective (not to mention mine as well) this was hugely welcoming and comforting at the same time.

His keen sense of humour came into play a number of times during the ceremony (apparently my wife has to obey me! 😉 ), and his patience for a Gora like me right in the middle of a Hindu wedding, was much appreciated.

But it was the two days after spent in Mosa’s company that I was so lucky and fortunate to receive. For it was this time I was able to learn more about this great man’s 80+ years of life’s experiences…and there were many lessons learnt and still learning, as a direct result of our conversations, and time spent.

And it is not just me who obviously feels this way about Mosa…at his “public” funeral service, at least 500 people were in attendance, and the line of the people waiting to say goodbye seemingly took forever to run its course. He was well loved.

Mosa has gone to a better place, and we here are poorer for that. I now have someone else I can class as one of my life’s guidance counselors; even though he has passed on, his memories and advice live on.

God rest his soul



Paying it forward….

Posted in Pay it forward, positive affirmation, respect on December 1, 2008 by TferThomas

I have mentioned this term in a number of other places, but the concept, Paying it Forward, is such a simple yet hugely worthwhile theology, it deserves another mention.

Some could call it Karma, and although they are closely related, they aren’t the same. Karma can have both positive and negative influences on your life, some even life changing (you would have heard the term “bad karma”).

Paying it Forward can only have positive influences on your life… starting with the feel good lift in your day. Let me explain… how may of you have done something nice to someone unknown (you know, perhaps held a door open to a complete stranger), and the other person said thank you and smiled. How did that make you feel? Now, unless you were that engrossed in your thoughts about you and your day, the feedback would have warmed you… albeit perhaps briefly. You have just Paid it Forward.

So, it’s clear to say that most of us at some stage or another, have Paid it Forward. It’s not that difficult.

Paying it Forward comes from the heart and your roots in common decency, with perhaps a touch of gallantry thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t have to be an awe inspiring good deed, and definitely not contrived.

By assisting someone else, who is known, or unknown to you, Paying it Forward empowers the other person to continue on their journey of life, along a path smoother than before. This may / may not allow them to be in a position where they too can Pay if Forward to someone else. And as the process of Paying it Forward goes about its journey, what goes round, does come round. Someone may actually Pay it Forward to you, when you least expect it, but maybe in a time of most need.

I am absolutely certain I have been the fortunate recipient of Paying it Forward and I have been hugely blessed as a result of the timely assistance from left of field. Just when you felt life was at its darkest, and there was no hope, something happened, or someone came along and gave a helping hand. And I know that at no stage could any of it have been planned.

I have found twitter ( a shining example of global Paying it Forward. Sure, it is a social and business networking tool, but I have seen many examples whereby someone has supplied a helpful tweet to someone in need. Nice one!

Life does move in mysterious ways… be a part of the positive side of the mystery… Pay if Forward. What do you have to lose?

My thoughts and twitters for now,