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#followfriday: my twitter list

Posted in BlackBerry, followfriday, payingitforward, Priority Management, twitter on August 1, 2009 by TferThomas

Followfriday is a phenomenon on twitter, and if you don’t know about it, you are either very new to twitter, or have been living under a rock. Basically, #followfriday (the hashtag is to assist with search visibility) is a process whereby twitter users recommend some of their followers for others to follow ….a sort of #sharingthelove or #payingitforward in the twitterverse.

There are various ways people undertake #followfriday:

  1. Mass blanket list of recommended followers with no background;
  2. Individual #followfriday recommendations with a tweet filled with why others should follow this person;
  3. Group #followfriday tweets (eg. a BlackBerry group of twitterers)… this is the option I used;
  4. Retweeting someone else’s list; either as a way of saying thank you, or a self-promoting exercise by someone trying to increase their friends on twitter; or
  5. Someone hijacking another’s #followfriday tweet and turning it into their own (this is maninly a sefl-promoting exercise to increase friend numbers).

Now remember, I am not condemning, nor condoning any of the afore mentioned methods, as I respect an “each to their own” process here. But I am changing mine… and the reasons are simple.

Currently in my work, I commute between Brisbane and Melbourne (two capital cities on the eastern seaboard of Australia), and the half the commutes are undertaken on a Friday, usually smack in the middle of #followfriday, so therefore I place a huge amount of pressure on myself to not only respond to everyone else’s tweets, but to get my #followfriday tweets out as well.

And so comes this blog post…. my #followfriday list recommendations. I will over time update the lists as my friends and followers evolve, but for now, this is the one.

Inspirational #followfriday twitterers:

Good friends #followfriday:

There are my good friends who don’t fit into my allotted categories….yet, and perhaps they never will, but one thing I know, they are there for me when I need them, and I am there for them:

iPhone friends/sparring partners #followfriday:

These are my iPhone friends (can a passionate BlackBerry user/abuser ever be friends with an iPhone user? Well, of course he/she can, and I am):

BlackBerry #followfriday legends:

These probably are my core group of twitter friends, mainly because they too are very passionate about BlackBerry devices, they are mobile (so are on twitter a lot of the time), and they are truly a helpful and friendly bunch (just don’t rubbish the BlackBerry without having very good evidence on your side) (in no particular order):

So this is my #followfriday list…. I will no doubt realise this isn’t a complete list and will make some adjustments as the upcoming weeks roll out.

I can wholeheartedly recommend any of these fabulous individuals. #payingitforward



Working Sm@rter

Posted in Priority Management, time management, Working Smart on November 4, 2008 by TferThomas
During this time of general unrest towards financial stability and security, a lot of companies, corporations, government bodies, and organisations are considering employee reductions as a viable solution to counter slowing cashflow.

But is this the answer… maybe, but also, possibly not. Perhaps the solution is working smarter, increasing productivity, whilst not increasing costs. And Priority Management has the inside, intimate knowledge of time and workload management training… who else can free up on average 74 minutes per day per graduate of these programs?

Whether your email platform is based on Outlook, Lotus Notes or GroupWise, there is a training program that will enable you to work smart… and no additional software is required.

The training is based on the revision of the basic default view, in a way that puts your time back into your control, and not you being controlled by the inbox. Sounds too good to be true, and far to simple? But its the simplicity of the training that produces such profound differences to your day, and the increases in your effectiveness.

So, instead of culling your team, why not consider training as part of your solution, and be rewarded by more effective, higher productivity?

For more information on the programs offered by Priority Management, visit

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