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Paying it forward in real life

Posted in BlackBerry, BlackBerry Bold, Pay it forward, paying it forward, payingitforward, sharing the love, sharingthelove with tags , on April 12, 2010 by TferThomas

As you know, I am huge fan of paying it forward; in fact, I try to live my life with paying it forward.

A couple of weeks ago, an opportunity presented itself to actually pay it forward in person.

Quite often, when I stay in Melbourne, I walk between the apartment and the office (roughly a 20-25 minute walk), and the walk is the perfect time to mentally prepare myself for the new day. So, yes it can be said, I am in a world of my own, but seeing something jolted me out of my own pre-occupiedness… an iPhone sitting in the gutter.

Now we all know I am not a fan of the iPhone but the sight intrigued me…it was clear someone must have lost it.

I remembered that there most likely would be some sort of screen lock & that proved simple. I noted it said it was Sim card locked, so the owner must have reported it lost.

Now to find the owner (yes, why would I even consider keeping the iPhone (I have no need for one) or giving it to any number of friends/family who wanted one…never even considered it; it was always going to be handed back to the rightful owner). I know how much an inconvenience it is setting up a BlackBerry from scratch, so only can imagine the same would be said of an iPhone.

Eventually I found the contacts folder, and yes, as you would expect, found Mum (doesn’t everyone have Mum/Dad listed in their phone?). So I rang “Mum” and yes she had a son who owned an iPhone (seems he has a history of losing devices).

So Mum came to our office that afternoon and collected the iPhone. She was most appreciative, and she presented me with a home grown bottle of peach chutney to say thanks.

The son rang that afternoon, to express his gratitude. “There should be more people like you in the world” he said. I simply said that it was the only thing to do, but also that I much prefer BlackBerry to iPhone, so I was always going to give it back (hey, what else would you expect me to say?)…he took it very well.

So there you go…paying it forward in real life; it’s not that hard.


Another….paying it forward twitter style… a successful outcome

Posted in BlackBerry Bold, Pay it forward, paying it forward, twitter on July 8, 2009 by TferThomas

I talk (tweet?) to a diverse range of people on twitter, something I am really proud of. No two of my twitter friends are the same, which is just brilliant for me, as one of my initial main reasons for signing up to twitter in the first place, was to simply learn from people… something I am pleased to say, happens many times every single day.

As you may well know, I use a hashtag quite a bit, and that one is #payingitforward and i have explained my views on paying it forward and how I try to pay it forward in this blog.

One morning, I was DM’d on twitter by a gentleman in the United States with a proposal that he thought I may be interested in, and let’s be honest here, how many of these are simply “not my cup of tea” (I am sure you know what I mean)? Anyway, as is the case of the majority of these, I read them, check out any links and have a think. Yes or no, good or bad, interesting or not, they were the decisions to be made.

This one caught my eye… he was looking for a way to promote/introduce Australian artists in America, and whilst I didn’t have a clue as to how to do this, or even where I would start, I immediately thought of one avenue….

You see, I know people within a government department whose job it is is to promote the export of Australian goods/services/talent to overseas markets. Perfect!

So I asked him to forward me a quick outline to my gmail account & I passed it onto my contacts…. paid it forward.

That was a couple of weeks ago, and today got notification that yes the government department would love to assist and contact was made.

Regardless of the outcome, I know from within myself, I have paid it forward.

So as I sit here and type away (on a keyboard that is way bigger than my BlackBerry Bold’s qwerty keyboard), I feel a nice warm glow descend over me…. i have made a difference to someone else, and it literally cost me about 30 minutes of my time.

So, if ever you get the chance, go on, try paying it forward.


Paying it forward …. twitter style

Posted in Pay it forward, sharing the love, twitter on April 23, 2009 by TferThomas

The amazing thing about twitter, is the almost instantaneous nature of the conversation (or referred to as “tweets” from the twittersphere). The tweets are usually short and to the point, and really, how can they not be, when you are only allowed up to 140 characters per tweet?

So how does one pay it forward on twitter?

Firstly, paying it forward…

Paying it forward, if you weren’t sure, is a concept by which I try to live my life by, and I know others do the same. To pay it forward, simply means helping out someone randomnly (unplanned) in a way that potentially may give that person the necessary leg up so that they can achieve something important in their life. To you it is nothing of any great significance, and doesn’t really cause you any discomfort, mentally, emotionally, physically, nor financially.

To the recipient however, your paying it forward may just be the missing piece in the puzzle for them to achieve something positive/life changing/life saving from their life, for their life. For example, placing some spare change into a parking meter, allows a person to park (they may actually have no money), and make that critical job interview on time, therefore win the interview process, get the job, and become employed for the first time in two years. What did it cost you…. $3.20 perhaps. But for them, that $3.20 helped them get their life back on track.

So, I understand the concept of paying it forward, now how can I pay it forward on twitter?

Twitter works on building a social/business network by finding people to follow, and people follow you….. and so it goes.

You can pay it forward by simply connecting two people, who may not know each other, together, and you have paid it forward, because you are the middle link.

  • Someone may be on hard times and needs that leg up…. you know someone who can assist, and by bringing them together, you have paid it forward.
  • You come across some information tweeted by someone you follow, and you think it is interesting enough to retweet (share it again)… this information then goes out to all of your followers, maybe onto someone who really needs this tweet… you have paid it forward.

Paying it forward on twitter can really work. What does it cost you? Apart from your time… nothing.

So, the next time you feel an urge to share the love, I have three words to share…

Pay It Forward

Pay it forward… how can I actually do this?

Posted in higher self, Pay it forward, selfless acts, sixth sense on December 17, 2008 by TferThomas

Back on the 1st of December I wrote a blog covering off the simple, yet very effective concept of “Paying it Forward”. As a result of this blog, a number of people have asked me…. “how do I pay it forward?”

Hmmm… I really can’t say that I have actually given the “how to” part of paying it forward any real serious thought… so I guess, now is as good a time as any.

Paying it forward: a simple concept of helping someone (usually unknown to yourself) by making one little part of their life easier/happier. This allows that person to achieve something better than perhaps they previously would have. They then are energised to do the same for someone else…. and so it goes… paying it forward.

How to pay it forward… a layman’s perspective.

The main common theme behind the majority of all pay it forwards, is that they are normally quite often, off the cuff, or spur of the moment decisions, with little analytical thinking behind the action. So, exactly right what you are thinking, pay it forwards rely on your subconscious, your sixth sense, or what I refer to as your higher self.

So, I guess, paying it forward involves selfless actions on your part, without expecting anything in return. And no I am not suggesting for a moment that you be a martyr, as you shouldn’t disadvantage yourself to the benefit of somebody else.

So how do you pay it forward? Let’s look at some simple examples:
* Topping up a parking meter before you drive off, giving the next parker something to smile about (perhaps helping them make that important meeting on time)
* Positively affirming someone’s decision, allowing them the drive to follow through on their chosen path (maybe, as a result, they apply for that new job, and get it)
* Tipping the waitress if they actually did make your night that much more special/or even just saying thank you for someone else doing their job (you never know who may be watching)
* Helping someone who appears lost/upset/confused/not well (speaks for itself really)
* tweeting that bit of information/linking one tweeter to another tweeter who needs a helping hand (and why would you do this… because you can!)
* Share information if you can to someone who needs it… actually take the time to send the helping tweet, instead of worrying about your next self promotional tweet.

And yes, the last couple of ideas are based around … why? twitter is an easy to access, simple to use, application that can literally put you in direct contact with someone who is literally on the other side of the world… and that someone may actually need you to pay if forward.

So there you go… in almost any situation, there is the ability to pay it forward. And remember… if you are the recipient of a pay if forward by a complete stranger, please be open to paying it forward to someone else, when the opportunity presents itself.

Good luck and enjoy paying it forward, as I do.

Paying it forward….

Posted in Pay it forward, positive affirmation, respect on December 1, 2008 by TferThomas

I have mentioned this term in a number of other places, but the concept, Paying it Forward, is such a simple yet hugely worthwhile theology, it deserves another mention.

Some could call it Karma, and although they are closely related, they aren’t the same. Karma can have both positive and negative influences on your life, some even life changing (you would have heard the term “bad karma”).

Paying it Forward can only have positive influences on your life… starting with the feel good lift in your day. Let me explain… how may of you have done something nice to someone unknown (you know, perhaps held a door open to a complete stranger), and the other person said thank you and smiled. How did that make you feel? Now, unless you were that engrossed in your thoughts about you and your day, the feedback would have warmed you… albeit perhaps briefly. You have just Paid it Forward.

So, it’s clear to say that most of us at some stage or another, have Paid it Forward. It’s not that difficult.

Paying it Forward comes from the heart and your roots in common decency, with perhaps a touch of gallantry thrown in for good measure. It doesn’t have to be an awe inspiring good deed, and definitely not contrived.

By assisting someone else, who is known, or unknown to you, Paying it Forward empowers the other person to continue on their journey of life, along a path smoother than before. This may / may not allow them to be in a position where they too can Pay if Forward to someone else. And as the process of Paying it Forward goes about its journey, what goes round, does come round. Someone may actually Pay it Forward to you, when you least expect it, but maybe in a time of most need.

I am absolutely certain I have been the fortunate recipient of Paying it Forward and I have been hugely blessed as a result of the timely assistance from left of field. Just when you felt life was at its darkest, and there was no hope, something happened, or someone came along and gave a helping hand. And I know that at no stage could any of it have been planned.

I have found twitter ( a shining example of global Paying it Forward. Sure, it is a social and business networking tool, but I have seen many examples whereby someone has supplied a helpful tweet to someone in need. Nice one!

Life does move in mysterious ways… be a part of the positive side of the mystery… Pay if Forward. What do you have to lose?

My thoughts and twitters for now,