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It must be getting close to Christmas…. all the mobile phone shops are packed!

Posted in BlackBerry, Christmas, Freedom Universal Keyboard, Micro sd card, Mobile phones on November 8, 2008 by TferThomas

Well after getting a lot of my music sorted so that I can grab what I need and place onto my BlackBerry Bold’s micro sd card, I was going let’s say a little stir crazy, and needed to get out and about.

I certainly needed to eat some lunch, so my local (shopping centre) was the obvious choice, and I pick a particular car park where I know I will always get a park… well, let’s just say I got one, but it wasn’t as straightforward or easy as normal; clue number one.

Now I currently have a 2 gig micro sd card for the Bold, and seeing as I wanted to add more music onto my BlackBerry, I thought a bigger micros sd would be a great option (I see there is a 16 gig out now).

So off I trundle into the mad mass of weekend shoppers, weaving my way in and out, and a common trend was spotted…. not one phone shop / kiosk was anything but jammed packed with customers. And with so many different options for mobile phones now flooding the market, why wouldn’t you update your, or your loved one’s mobile phone.

So, what about the micro sd card? I think I will enjoy my sandwich (chicken schnitzel with barbecue sauce, salt and pepper on white thank you very much)and coffee, finish typing this blog, and go home for some gardening. I will have a look for one when I am in Melbourne this week.

And no, I normally don’t use the BlackBerry’s keyboard for long emails / blogging…. rather, I use this…

Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard…. good piece of gear this.

That’s my thoughts and twitters for now.