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Pay it forward… how can I actually do this?

Posted in higher self, Pay it forward, selfless acts, sixth sense on December 17, 2008 by TferThomas

Back on the 1st of December I wrote a blog covering off the simple, yet very effective concept of “Paying it Forward”. As a result of this blog, a number of people have asked me…. “how do I pay it forward?”

Hmmm… I really can’t say that I have actually given the “how to” part of paying it forward any real serious thought… so I guess, now is as good a time as any.

Paying it forward: a simple concept of helping someone (usually unknown to yourself) by making one little part of their life easier/happier. This allows that person to achieve something better than perhaps they previously would have. They then are energised to do the same for someone else…. and so it goes… paying it forward.

How to pay it forward… a layman’s perspective.

The main common theme behind the majority of all pay it forwards, is that they are normally quite often, off the cuff, or spur of the moment decisions, with little analytical thinking behind the action. So, exactly right what you are thinking, pay it forwards rely on your subconscious, your sixth sense, or what I refer to as your higher self.

So, I guess, paying it forward involves selfless actions on your part, without expecting anything in return. And no I am not suggesting for a moment that you be a martyr, as you shouldn’t disadvantage yourself to the benefit of somebody else.

So how do you pay it forward? Let’s look at some simple examples:
* Topping up a parking meter before you drive off, giving the next parker something to smile about (perhaps helping them make that important meeting on time)
* Positively affirming someone’s decision, allowing them the drive to follow through on their chosen path (maybe, as a result, they apply for that new job, and get it)
* Tipping the waitress if they actually did make your night that much more special/or even just saying thank you for someone else doing their job (you never know who may be watching)
* Helping someone who appears lost/upset/confused/not well (speaks for itself really)
* tweeting that bit of information/linking one tweeter to another tweeter who needs a helping hand (and why would you do this… because you can!)
* Share information if you can to someone who needs it… actually take the time to send the helping tweet, instead of worrying about your next self promotional tweet.

And yes, the last couple of ideas are based around … why? twitter is an easy to access, simple to use, application that can literally put you in direct contact with someone who is literally on the other side of the world… and that someone may actually need you to pay if forward.

So there you go… in almost any situation, there is the ability to pay it forward. And remember… if you are the recipient of a pay if forward by a complete stranger, please be open to paying it forward to someone else, when the opportunity presents itself.

Good luck and enjoy paying it forward, as I do.


The power of your 6th sense (your higher self)

Posted in 6th sense, gut feeling, higher self on November 7, 2008 by TferThomas

We have all been there at some stage or another. You know what I am talking about… finding that desired car park, stopping suddenly for no apparent reason (and missing the child who steps onto the road), run someone for no particular reason (but they needed to talk)… and the list goes on and on.

Is it luck? I think not. Rather it is put down to you tapping into (or listening to your 6th sense), and then acting on it. In layman’s terms…. your gut feel, your instinct, or flying by the seat of your pants.

The mind is such a potent device, and yet we take so much for granted. Not only that, we think we know it all. In a way, yes we do, or rather, our mind does. It has the ability to process more data than what we can consciously absorb. This and the simple process of being acclimatised to our surroundings, guided by our morals, upbringings, beliefs, culture, peer pressure, and our previous experiences, further dulls our clear decision making abilities. We are lulled into an autopilot type decision making process… but sometimes this is very much the wrong path.

How do we know when the 6th sense has kicked in? To the uninitiated, normally the first glimpse of acknowledging your 6th sense is when you get that frustrating sense of “I knew that” or “I was going to do that”. However, your mind previously told you the right decision / action to take… you just decided to ignore it.

What to do? When you get that sometimes uneasy feeling of a decision that is “felt” to be right, but your rationalising has come up with another direction to take… take the former. In most cases, your mind has already worked out the correct answer, and hasn’t taken your conditioning into the equation.

Trust your mind… it knows more than you will ever know 😉